Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka – Some less known truths about entrepreneurship

Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka, the founder of SynapseIndia, has created an inspiring example of entrepreneurship in the IT industry. Entrepreneurs have become celebrities of the modern era. Almost every day, we hear about exciting stories of solving unique social problems, overcoming adversities, and achieving new kinds of success. These stories are most related to one entrepreneur or other. But the real stories are not as rosy as we believe them to be.

The real fact is that three out of four venture-backed startups fail. We are hardly told about these failing stories as we all love success and glory. But behind the glamorous images of entrepreneurship lies a rollercoaster of fascinating highs and terrible lows.

Most of us usually believe that the founder of a company/ business is the wisest person associated with the venture. He can single-handedly steer the business to success, many of us believe. But again, that’s not true. If a startup is to succeed, the founder must focus on gathering the right people around the business. An entrepreneur cannot always be the smartest person in the room.

Many entrepreneurs are idealist by nature. They start their own venture because they want to solve the problems they see in the world. The aspiration of solving such problems are driven by entrepreneurial fairy-tales that are prevalent in society. However, perfection is not a realistic goal. In fact, it’s highly likely that many of business goals laid out by entrepreneurs fail on their way. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to embrace pragmatism rather than idealism.

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