Shamit Khemka

Shamit Khemka- Being Pro-active is the Pioneer Approach Lead to Entrepreneurial Success


Shamit Khemka the founder of SynapseIndia and a pioneer leader is an inspiring corporate figure who tackles every single business hardships with brilliance According to the managing director of SynapseIndia, “leading an entrepreneurs life is full of challenges and obstacles in every single way. But one who is pro-active to stay ahead of time in terms of managing tasks beforehand is able to face any issue with ease”.

Being a successful entrepreneur is certainly not a child’s play. One has to be well-versed and informed about the changing market scenarios and trends. Shamit Khemka who is leading the well-known technology service brand of SynapseIndia for more than two decades, proactively involved in the process of finding out possible business issues from the beginning and ready with the ideal solutions.

Shamit Khemka feels that, if you are skilled enough, then you will be able to deal with any professional hurdle with confidence and with a positive sense of mind.

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