Shamit Khemka

Start Investing in Self to Drive Enterpreneurial Success Ahead

Shamit Khemka

Mr. Shamit Khemka is a renowned name in the IT Industry. Successfully running the pioneer IT Outsourcing service company of SynapseIndia, Mr. Khemka has displayed an exceptional pool of entrepreneurial skills and ability.

The success story of such an influential entrepreneur is reflected by the fact that his company is running since 2000 and has achieved tremendous results while serving global clients.

It’s all about the clear vision and objectives of Mr. Khemka, that the brand has achieved so much. Accordingly, he always believes in first investing self and then contributes something valuable to the company. Constant practice of developing onself, leading a team with appropriate skills & knowledge, and witness the futuristic approach appear to be true characteristic of a successful entrepreneur. It is necessary to give substantial time to self and start evaluating your condition to make it better and progressive. In this way, an entrepreneur will be able to propel success and achievements in the near future.

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